Saturday, March 16, 2013

ah, friends, has it really been almost four months since i posted?! so i guess you can see life has been crazy for me with two little ones. abe is finally finallyyyyy starting to sleep through the night, but honestly i'd say it has been almost a year since i've had a good nights sleep and that is weighing heavily on me. i N E E D my sleeps. so, someday soon i'm sure i will be a [somewhat] sane person again and hope to catalog more of our journey as i have in the past. in the meantime, i have started up a little project with my lovely sister and niece, you can check it out here.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a horsey party for my tiny tot!

>> fabric & doily banners by cait.
>> happy birthday bunting, layered pumpkin cake, caramel popcorn [with a handmade scoop her hubs whipped up], haystack cookies & french toast cupcakes [so good, make you wanna slap your momma] by my lovely seester manda.
>> black + white photo is my grandma. she has always loved horses. she thinks we should get one for fabs since we have the barn ;) the bronze horse was salvaged from her house fire & she gave it to faba.
>> yellow horse bunting made my sweet seester lyndsay.
>> hay table by my bearded mister.
>> mand, cait & i hand stamped our dresses using this tutorial.
>> aren't fabs little cowgirl boots the sweetest thing you ever did see?!
>> so thankful for all the help from my family to throw the sweetest little cowgirl such a fabulous horsey party.
>> someone coulda clued me in we were doing serious model faces in the last photo... #onlyonesmiling

Saturday, November 10, 2012

ten on ten: november.

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

>>01: french press coffee. every. single. morning.
>>02: a little sicky today. she promptly threw up all over this blanket right after i took this photo...
>>03: someday when i have extra energy these shall become applesauce.
>>04: this guy. gets me every time...
>>05: hubs made me lunch. egg on a biscuit. southern style.
>>06: no kids allowed. my bearded mister is so clever...
>>07: um, i do believe there are sunflower sprouts in my succulents?!
>>08: it was on clearance...what's a girl to do?...
>>09: our neighbors.
>>10: on a little walk to the compost pile. totally still in my jammers. the good news: friends are coming over and i must go change now. cheers.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

my tiny tot is two!

my brill sister started a fun little tradition with balloons and this song to greet the birthday girl/boy. i was going to at least find my own song, but when i heard the beatles rocking out, i just knew this was the song for my fabs. so we grabbed a colorful bunch of balloons and j, abe and i paraded into fabs sun filled room to get our dance on. and baby girl rocked out.
two years ago my day was filled with fear and tears. two years later my day was filled with joy and laughter. sweet fabienne joy, i look at you all the time and say a little prayer of thanks... God you gave her to me - thank you.

Monday, November 5, 2012

sweetest word you ever did hear.

you guys!
i've been waiting for this moment for many, many months.
my little girl said her first word.
and she couldn't have picked a better word to say.
in my opinion.

my heart pretty much popped out and melted in a pool on the floor.
i am so proud of my sweet little fabs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

my girl.

my baby is growing up. depending on what we decide to do about preschool, this could be the last year i don't have to worry about back to school. that has me a bit sentimental and emotional.
i came across this amazing post a momma wrote about her back to school talk with her kids. i hope there are many momma's like this teaching their kids to be kind and compassionate to everyone. you see, i know my little girl looks a little different and because of this she will endure some discrimination. it completely breaks my heart. when i look at her, i just see my perfect little girl...
my sweet faba...she is so tenderhearted.

she loves to splash.

she's totally adorable in pigtails.

she loves her daddy something fierce.

she's a wise guy.

she's bright.

she has an infectious laugh.

she loves people.

my hope.
my dream.
my prayer.
is that they will love her back.
...just the way she is.

Friday, August 10, 2012

ten on ten: august.

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

01.. morning view.
02.. first cup of french press coffee. there will be more...
03.. diapers. always diapers. i rather enjoy the routine.
04.. took my little a to work.
05.. nursing my babe at my desk.
06.. he's a pretty sweet sidekick.
07.. she didn't eat much dinner. strawberries & grapes, no problem.
08.. sisterly love.
09.. a couple books before bed.
10.. grilled pita pizza. two sleeping babies = a quiet dinner. kind of. i still haven't eaten my strawberries cause one baby woke up screaming. ah well.

convinced the hubs to join in today!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

it's the little things...

i was catching up on some blog reading and came across lindsay's sweet blog. i'd like to do a better job capturing the day to day, so i thought i'd join in... little boy blue.
..breathtaking sunsets on the drive home.
..ribbon chips at the county fair. evening out with my sweet little family.

..summer=grilled pita pizza.
..waiting for his 8 week check-up. [where did my newborn go?!?] library reads.
..skillet chocolate chip cookie. girls night with my seester!

Hello Hue Little Things