Saturday, December 22, 2007

my little buddy...

we always had cats growing up, and i simply love cats. justin and i got a kitten from the animal shelter not too long after we were married. the poor little guy got very sick and didn't make it. his name was zao, and he holds a very special place in our hearts [and the vet, who actually had him cremated and SAVED his ashes - true story]. a couple months later we decided to get another kitten from the shelter. a litter of kittens just 5 weeks old had been rescued and we picked out an adorable little guy with a crooked looking face. we gave him a very biblical name, jacob, which means one to replace another. deep, i know. jake has been with us for over six years now. who knew when we brought home the tiny ball of fur, he would someday be 21 pounds! jake has his peculularities, but oh the joy he brings. he likes to play hide & seek, drinks out of the toilet bowl, doesn't really like people food with the exception of french fries, thinks he's a lap cat although he hangs off because of his size, and likes to sleep cuddled right in between me and justin.
it's very healthy to be a pet owner. did you know that when talking to a cat your blood pressure and heart rate are even lower than when talking to a human?

my buddy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

25 days of christmas

justin and i love christmas. really, what's not to, tons of parties, classic christmas cartoons, twinkling lights, christmas music, steaming hot cocoa under the tree, christmas cookies...perhaps you get my point.
in an effort to enjoy it as much as possible, we came up with our 25 days of christmas board. [don't look too closely, we're a little behind]. we have lots of fun christmas traditions, from cutting down the tree together to our christmas morning walk [justin proposed to me on christmas morning - i know - aww]. another favorite tradition is our christmas eve get-together with my family. gram and gramps come over. we have our 'christmas eve dinner' - hamburgers [or veggie burgers!], latkes, and homemade milkshakes. we go to our church candlelit christmas eve service, which i love. then we come home and open gifts from each other. [we now draw names due to the ever expanding family].
it is a night full of goodness, laughter and pure joy.
i so love my family!

jake is very helpful.

te hee...jake is also very festive.

25 days of christmas!

what family traditions do you have?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

dreeeeam, dream, dream, dream...

i just received an email that made me laugh out loud
[referred by some as lol].

Hey mars!

I had a funny dream about you. Our whole family was skiing and you decided to wear shorts (for some odd reason). There were three different ski jumps you could go off, 2 with snow and one with cement. You decided to do the one with cement. You fell when you landed and scraped your butt on the cement pretty badly. We had to call the ski patrol and they bandaged your scraped and bleeding bumJ

The endJ


i love my little leeko
[aka lyx, aka gingy, aka leeko bandito, aka lyndsay].
she makes me laugh a lot.
i enjoy spending time with her.
she's fantastic.
such wonderful family the Lord has given me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

o christmas tree...

our first christmas together, justin and i lived in s.c. we found a lot with 'real' trees and picked one out. we were wearing short sleeves and had the car windows down on the ride home. something about warm and palm trees is just not christmas-y.
when we moved back to n.y. we started the tradition of going to a tree farm to cut down our tree, and it's simply wonderful. we have a great time together wandering through the snow, looking for the 'perfect' tree.
decisions, decisions
i won the snowball fight
the perfect tree
happy about our christmas tree
and we're off
to the michau homestead.
stay tuned for photos of the finished product...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

to grandmother's house we go...

without a doubt, my grandma makes THE BEST applesauce in the world. it's simply amazing. so i thought it would be fun to go to gram's house and learn how the magic happens. mand and linc joined me and we had a wonderful time. i love my grandma. she's so loving, witty, caring and lots of fun! mand and i were lucky enough to witness an applesauce miracle - the most jars gram has EVER gotten from a batch, 9 jars. she just couldn't believe it!
let the magic begin.

what's with the crazy cat in the back?

little cheeser.

watch and learn.

he loves auntie marmo.

oops, cut out linco bean.

linc, saying cheese to gram rather than the camera.

now where'd linc go?

aha, i knew we could do it.

[although it may not look like it in the photos, mand & i did help!]
sooo, come on over for some fresh applesauce!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a darn good party...

i love socks. bright colorful socks. and i wear my favorite ones until the heel is worn-out and perhaps a toe or two is peeking out. and then i dolefully walk to the sock bag with my favorite worn-out socks that can no longer be worn. i came to the resolute conclusion that i was going to learn to darn, gosh darn it. so i set up a date with my mom and sisters, and we had a darn good party! mooms [aka mom] brought a darning egg - who knew there was such a thing?! for some reason i had way more socks than anyone else to darn [what does this mean?], so everyone ended up darning my socks, which i thought was splendid! we also had hot spiced cider, pumpkin cookies, and cinnamon rolls [mand had to try out aj's recipe on us - poor us]. we talked and laughed and had an all together darn good time. and i now know how to darn my favorite socks! how wonderful to have a mother who knows how to do it all! she's the best.

my darn fabulous socks.
[take notice of the vintage darning egg]

we have a darn good time together.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

why wait?

justin and i have been married for over seven years now. ca-razy, i tell you. it has been absolutely wonderful! i love justin...i love being married...i love our life together. someone recently asked me a question that has been asked many times these past seven years. can you guess what it is? you got it - when are you going to have children? for the past seven years our answer has been the same...maybe in a couple years. now you may be thinking that seven is a few more than a couple. and that is true. but somehow the feeling has remained consistent, that perhaps we'll feel ready in a couple years, and a couple years keeps moving. to be honest, the thought of having children scares me a bit. justin is, without a doubt, my best friend. and i don't ever want that to change. i love the freedom that we have now. this past year we hiked in the adirondacks mulitiple times, took a trip to chicago, traveled to los angeles with friends, went to south carolina to visit family, slept under the stars with friends in limestone, ny, visited craiger in nyc multiple times, took a family vacation to michigan, and went camping in vermont! in the next few months we hope to travel to europe. [yup, we love to travel] it's also hard for me to think about sharing my time [and energy]. justin and i enjoy hiking together, going for bike rides, and date nights... and it's hard for me to imagine equally splitting this precious time with another human being. so when are we going to have children? maybe in a couple years.

crazy in love.

Friday, November 16, 2007

it's christmas time in the cityyyy...

christmas is in the air and i love it! we're already on our second snow of the season [yes, i like the snow], i'm starting to hear christmas music here and there [i usually start it after thanksgiving, how about you?], and everyone just seems a bit happier. i'm trying to get lots of christmas shopping done early - i'm a humungo procrasinator. i'd like to get the shopping craziness out of the way and be able to focus more on Christ and why we celebrate. my family now draws names, which is amazing. it's so much less stressful to focus on one person, than, oh what are we up to now - 12! but it's a secret so i can't tell you who i have. i'm about to read $100 christmas by bill mckibben [he's amazing, read ANY of his books], so i'll let you know how that inspires me. are you ready for christmas?

jake is looking forward to the wrapping paper.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my totally tubular twenties...

i stumbled upon the blog of someone who listed accomplishments of their 20's. i found it enjoyable, so i thought i'd share five accomplishments i've achieved in my 20's along with five things i'd like to accomplish before the big 3-0 hits. after all, i still have plenty of 20's left.

so far in this decade of my life:
- got married to my bff [yay!]

- moved from lakeland, florida to batavia, new york to charleston, south carolina to batavia, new york [home sweet home!]
- bought our first home
- graduated from college [after only 10 short years!]
- started college ministry at church

before the big 3-0:
- become a successful realtor
- pay off student loans [that's quite ambitious, mabye before i'm 40? *tears*]
- get a house in the middle of the woods
- visit europe with my bff [justin]
- convince eggy to move back to batavia :)

 about you??

Monday, November 12, 2007

happy veterans' day!

fear not friends, i'm still here.
sorry about the break as i know you're dying to know what's going on in my life these days.
a couple years back i happened to call mand on veterans' day and when she picked up, i greeted her with a jolly 'happy veterans' day!' well, she thought that was pretty funny, so i try to wish her a happy one each year, which reminds me i need to call her.
pals for life!
my [81 year old] boss came in this morning and inquired if i knew why veterans' day is on nov. 11. i did not [you're shocked, right] and he went on to inform me that it was once called armistice day and it marked the end of World War I. i nodded, noting how interesting that was, and quickly googled 'armistice' as he walked away. i found that the armistice was an agreement to stop fighting, a truce. so now we all know. i am glad we take a day to honor our troops. my prayers are especially with those who are away from their families for the holidays.
happy veterans' day!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

great pictures, great friends, and cowboys...

another fabulous [my word of the moment, if you haven't noticed] weekend. the weekend started with a relevant worship concert - and those boys know how to worship! it was a wonderful start to the weekend. i love it when the music's loud enough to sing at the top of your lungs and the guy in front of you still can't hear you [i hope he couldn't!].

saturday we spent some time with mom and dad and sweet little linco. he loves his auntie marmo and uncle duhden. dad and justin put together some picture canvases that we ordered. [pictures on canvas?! - genius!] our bedroom walls have been empty and we decided to print some pictures from the adirondacks that justin took. we thought we ordered them from peekskill, ny - just a couple short hours away. however when we looked at the tracking, we saw it was shipped from china! they are beautiful nonetheless. our new art:
saturday evening one of the new pastors had invited us over for cowboy soup. we weren't quite sure what to expect, but it was wonderful! as a vegetarian it's somewhat nerve-racking being invited over for dinner, because you don't want to be picky or rude and not eat what is served. thankfully the soup was mostly beans, [i shared a couple chicken chunks with justin] and it was sooo good. justin, anth, megh and myself took the theme seriously and arrived in cowboy getup. we love those hoisingtons, we're quite blessed to have such wonderful and fun friends.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

we had a yummy mexican halloween dinner with my family. my parents get hundreds [no lie] of trick-or-treaters and they turn off the light when the candy runs out. we sent linc out to get some candy for us.
only the cutest little monkey ever.
he liked to watch his little monkey feet when he walked.

i will leave you with this fantastic picture mike took while he was out trick-or-treating with linc.
we weren't sure if this was intentional or not...
photo by: mike mcgrath

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


today between 2-5 [which means you still have an hour - run, don't walk], taco bell is giving away one free taco per person! wahoooo. the kind worker even let me substitute beans for meat at no extra charge. aaaand it gets even better. i rarely have sour cream on hand, however i bought some for a recipe the other day. so i was able to have sour cream on my free taco. some days you just can't lose.

me explaining to jake how fabulous it is that i got a free taco.
he's obviously listening.

Monday, October 29, 2007

my weekend...

was wonderful. craig came home, which is always fun! i miss my eggy. i'm sorry to say i didn't take any pictures - how unfortunate. guess this pic will do...of us in that nasty city that stole him from me:

*added: i stole a new pic:
he's the best brother ever. so very pleasant and enjoyable to be around. he always makes me laugh and i just love being with him. plus we're both cheesemongers. mmmm, cheeeeese. [my myspace heading: Oh, if only cheese grew on trees, I'd have a forest full of them.] sooo, craigy - get this nyc phase out of you and be home with you!

we had such a fabulous weekend - my family is so wonderful. it's such a blessing to be surrounded by people i completely love and trust, knowing i am loved and accepted unconditionally. i love it when we're all together - one big, happy family! we had japanese curry [we miss you hiro!], played games, laughed until we cried [well, i did anyways], went for a walk in the woods, ate lots of chocolate, drank coffee, talked, and had an all around splendid time. it went by too quickly.

in other exciting news, we recently painted our house! welll, we're actually still in the process of painting trim and woodwork. i really don't even want to think about painting the trim way up by the roof. but it's mostly painted, and i love it!

and after:
and i love fall! finally the cooler weather has set in....although that means my house is c-c-c-cold. [in an effort to conserve energy we do not turn the heater on until november.] i love, love, love the colors of the leaves. this is what i get to see each morning as i pull out of my driveway:
i know this picture does not do the color justice, so you will have to trust is magnificent! the colors are so bright and fluorescent, waving their brilliance in the crisp fall breeze. it awes me each morning. in the words of laird hamilton [paraphrased], if you don't believe there's a God, you need to go sit under a tree and think a bit harder. [perhaps you could sit under this tree.]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's a start.

i continually stumble upon blogs of people i like to stalk keep up with. so i thought i would return the favor and give you the joy of stalking me keeping up with my wonderful life!
you may thank me later.
what better way to start then share 7 things you may not know about me:
1. i prefer vegetables [some people like to call me a vegetarian]
2. i wish i would ride my bike to work more, but i just cant seem to get out of bed early enough.
3. i can sleep til 11am - easy.
4. i write and sing lots of songs to my cat.
5. although i LOVE the great outdoors, i FLIP OUT when moths or bats invade my personal space [come within 10 feet of me] [i may or may not have cried recently when i thought a moth went down my coat.]
6. once upon a time i hated to read, but i now love to. [i have an endless pile of books i'd like to read]
7. i dont usually drink pop, but lately i've been hooked on Vernors - the original ginger soda

and here's my lovely family:

my hott husband.
and my tute tat!

welcome to my fabulous life!