Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

we had a yummy mexican halloween dinner with my family. my parents get hundreds [no lie] of trick-or-treaters and they turn off the light when the candy runs out. we sent linc out to get some candy for us.
only the cutest little monkey ever.
he liked to watch his little monkey feet when he walked.

i will leave you with this fantastic picture mike took while he was out trick-or-treating with linc.
we weren't sure if this was intentional or not...
photo by: mike mcgrath

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


today between 2-5 [which means you still have an hour - run, don't walk], taco bell is giving away one free taco per person! wahoooo. the kind worker even let me substitute beans for meat at no extra charge. aaaand it gets even better. i rarely have sour cream on hand, however i bought some for a recipe the other day. so i was able to have sour cream on my free taco. some days you just can't lose.

me explaining to jake how fabulous it is that i got a free taco.
he's obviously listening.

Monday, October 29, 2007

my weekend...

was wonderful. craig came home, which is always fun! i miss my eggy. i'm sorry to say i didn't take any pictures - how unfortunate. guess this pic will do...of us in that nasty city that stole him from me:

*added: i stole a new pic:
he's the best brother ever. so very pleasant and enjoyable to be around. he always makes me laugh and i just love being with him. plus we're both cheesemongers. mmmm, cheeeeese. [my myspace heading: Oh, if only cheese grew on trees, I'd have a forest full of them.] sooo, craigy - get this nyc phase out of you and be home with you!

we had such a fabulous weekend - my family is so wonderful. it's such a blessing to be surrounded by people i completely love and trust, knowing i am loved and accepted unconditionally. i love it when we're all together - one big, happy family! we had japanese curry [we miss you hiro!], played games, laughed until we cried [well, i did anyways], went for a walk in the woods, ate lots of chocolate, drank coffee, talked, and had an all around splendid time. it went by too quickly.

in other exciting news, we recently painted our house! welll, we're actually still in the process of painting trim and woodwork. i really don't even want to think about painting the trim way up by the roof. but it's mostly painted, and i love it!

and after:
and i love fall! finally the cooler weather has set in....although that means my house is c-c-c-cold. [in an effort to conserve energy we do not turn the heater on until november.] i love, love, love the colors of the leaves. this is what i get to see each morning as i pull out of my driveway:
i know this picture does not do the color justice, so you will have to trust is magnificent! the colors are so bright and fluorescent, waving their brilliance in the crisp fall breeze. it awes me each morning. in the words of laird hamilton [paraphrased], if you don't believe there's a God, you need to go sit under a tree and think a bit harder. [perhaps you could sit under this tree.]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

it's a start.

i continually stumble upon blogs of people i like to stalk keep up with. so i thought i would return the favor and give you the joy of stalking me keeping up with my wonderful life!
you may thank me later.
what better way to start then share 7 things you may not know about me:
1. i prefer vegetables [some people like to call me a vegetarian]
2. i wish i would ride my bike to work more, but i just cant seem to get out of bed early enough.
3. i can sleep til 11am - easy.
4. i write and sing lots of songs to my cat.
5. although i LOVE the great outdoors, i FLIP OUT when moths or bats invade my personal space [come within 10 feet of me] [i may or may not have cried recently when i thought a moth went down my coat.]
6. once upon a time i hated to read, but i now love to. [i have an endless pile of books i'd like to read]
7. i dont usually drink pop, but lately i've been hooked on Vernors - the original ginger soda

and here's my lovely family:

my hott husband.
and my tute tat!

welcome to my fabulous life!