Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a darn good party...

i love socks. bright colorful socks. and i wear my favorite ones until the heel is worn-out and perhaps a toe or two is peeking out. and then i dolefully walk to the sock bag with my favorite worn-out socks that can no longer be worn. i came to the resolute conclusion that i was going to learn to darn, gosh darn it. so i set up a date with my mom and sisters, and we had a darn good party! mooms [aka mom] brought a darning egg - who knew there was such a thing?! for some reason i had way more socks than anyone else to darn [what does this mean?], so everyone ended up darning my socks, which i thought was splendid! we also had hot spiced cider, pumpkin cookies, and cinnamon rolls [mand had to try out aj's recipe on us - poor us]. we talked and laughed and had an all together darn good time. and i now know how to darn my favorite socks! how wonderful to have a mother who knows how to do it all! she's the best.

my darn fabulous socks.
[take notice of the vintage darning egg]

we have a darn good time together.

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  1. i love this post! SO cute! that is something i definitely need to learn to do too... most of my socks are in pathetic shape right now... but i can't bring myself to throw them away!