Monday, November 12, 2007

happy veterans' day!

fear not friends, i'm still here.
sorry about the break as i know you're dying to know what's going on in my life these days.
a couple years back i happened to call mand on veterans' day and when she picked up, i greeted her with a jolly 'happy veterans' day!' well, she thought that was pretty funny, so i try to wish her a happy one each year, which reminds me i need to call her.
pals for life!
my [81 year old] boss came in this morning and inquired if i knew why veterans' day is on nov. 11. i did not [you're shocked, right] and he went on to inform me that it was once called armistice day and it marked the end of World War I. i nodded, noting how interesting that was, and quickly googled 'armistice' as he walked away. i found that the armistice was an agreement to stop fighting, a truce. so now we all know. i am glad we take a day to honor our troops. my prayers are especially with those who are away from their families for the holidays.
happy veterans' day!


  1. I had no idea Patti was 81 years old!!!!! Just kidding!! I can just picture Bob coming in and asking you that question and then the lengthy explanation that followed. This story would've actually interested me! Thanks for sharing it!!


  2. Just pondering... is Vets Day for those who have fought or are fighting or both? A veteran is someone who has been through something so does it still count that they are still going through it? So did you call your gpa and wish him Happy Vets Day... Uncle Richard, Uncle Ray, Uncle Pete? I think Ray received a purple heart or something in Nam... maybe it was a bravery award.