Friday, November 16, 2007

it's christmas time in the cityyyy...

christmas is in the air and i love it! we're already on our second snow of the season [yes, i like the snow], i'm starting to hear christmas music here and there [i usually start it after thanksgiving, how about you?], and everyone just seems a bit happier. i'm trying to get lots of christmas shopping done early - i'm a humungo procrasinator. i'd like to get the shopping craziness out of the way and be able to focus more on Christ and why we celebrate. my family now draws names, which is amazing. it's so much less stressful to focus on one person, than, oh what are we up to now - 12! but it's a secret so i can't tell you who i have. i'm about to read $100 christmas by bill mckibben [he's amazing, read ANY of his books], so i'll let you know how that inspires me. are you ready for christmas?

jake is looking forward to the wrapping paper.

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