Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my totally tubular twenties...

i stumbled upon the blog of someone who listed accomplishments of their 20's. i found it enjoyable, so i thought i'd share five accomplishments i've achieved in my 20's along with five things i'd like to accomplish before the big 3-0 hits. after all, i still have plenty of 20's left.

so far in this decade of my life:
- got married to my bff [yay!]

- moved from lakeland, florida to batavia, new york to charleston, south carolina to batavia, new york [home sweet home!]
- bought our first home
- graduated from college [after only 10 short years!]
- started college ministry at church

before the big 3-0:
- become a successful realtor
- pay off student loans [that's quite ambitious, mabye before i'm 40? *tears*]
- get a house in the middle of the woods
- visit europe with my bff [justin]
- convince eggy to move back to batavia :)

sooo...how about you??


  1. what a great post :) I can't believe how young Justin looks in the wedding photo. You guys are so cute!

  2. i saw an old episode of friends where phoebe is talking about all the things she did before she was 30, and i was also inspired!! :)