Wednesday, November 28, 2007

to grandmother's house we go...

without a doubt, my grandma makes THE BEST applesauce in the world. it's simply amazing. so i thought it would be fun to go to gram's house and learn how the magic happens. mand and linc joined me and we had a wonderful time. i love my grandma. she's so loving, witty, caring and lots of fun! mand and i were lucky enough to witness an applesauce miracle - the most jars gram has EVER gotten from a batch, 9 jars. she just couldn't believe it!
let the magic begin.

what's with the crazy cat in the back?

little cheeser.

watch and learn.

he loves auntie marmo.

oops, cut out linco bean.

linc, saying cheese to gram rather than the camera.

now where'd linc go?

aha, i knew we could do it.

[although it may not look like it in the photos, mand & i did help!]
sooo, come on over for some fresh applesauce!


  1. homemade applesauce is the freakin best!!!!

  2. haaa...i'm laughing just looking at those photos.

    and is it just me, or did i get puffier in each picture?! good thing we finally got it, or my eyes would have been puffed shut!!

    and in the one pic where linc is cut out, it looks like i'm holding gram up by her hair!!!!!! ha!!!!

    good times, good times.

  3. oh my word- WHY do i live in michigan?!

  4. I'm sorry if I'm totally clueless, but is Manda pregnant again? I haven't seen her in so long and it looks like I'm a few months behind in my news! When is she due? Does she know what she's having?

    Sorry this comment isn't about the applesauce. I'm sure it was good!!

  5. good dang question rachel clara!
    mo...yes, mand is prego. i believe it's 6 months now, she's due in march. another boy.

  6. just looked at these pics again because i read what manda wrote... HILARIOUS! good ole gram, she always needs to be held up by her downy curls.