Sunday, November 18, 2007

why wait?

justin and i have been married for over seven years now. ca-razy, i tell you. it has been absolutely wonderful! i love justin...i love being married...i love our life together. someone recently asked me a question that has been asked many times these past seven years. can you guess what it is? you got it - when are you going to have children? for the past seven years our answer has been the same...maybe in a couple years. now you may be thinking that seven is a few more than a couple. and that is true. but somehow the feeling has remained consistent, that perhaps we'll feel ready in a couple years, and a couple years keeps moving. to be honest, the thought of having children scares me a bit. justin is, without a doubt, my best friend. and i don't ever want that to change. i love the freedom that we have now. this past year we hiked in the adirondacks mulitiple times, took a trip to chicago, traveled to los angeles with friends, went to south carolina to visit family, slept under the stars with friends in limestone, ny, visited craiger in nyc multiple times, took a family vacation to michigan, and went camping in vermont! in the next few months we hope to travel to europe. [yup, we love to travel] it's also hard for me to think about sharing my time [and energy]. justin and i enjoy hiking together, going for bike rides, and date nights... and it's hard for me to imagine equally splitting this precious time with another human being. so when are we going to have children? maybe in a couple years.

crazy in love.


  1. This life of yours will seem so shallow and incomplete after you have another to love... the love just multiplies exponentially. You'll see. :-)

  2. I can see how it would be scary having kids, especially when you enjoy your life so much right now!! Parenthood is not easy, but it is a blessing!

    Who's telling you that you can't continue doing all you do right now with a child???? I've always believed that flexibility is learned, not inherited. If you do things with your child when they're young, they don't get bothered when their schedule gets changed.

    Yes, some things may be a little more difficult to do with a baby, but you'd be surprised at how flexible and durable they can be!!

    Also, the way you love Justin right now is not going to lessen if you have a child. In fact, it will probably deepen and surprise even yourself what love you'll experience the first time you see Justin holding your child!!!

    Just some thoughts, but it's up to you guys and God as to when the right time is for you to have your family, and only you'll know when that time comes!!

    In the meantime, you can always enjoy the "trying" process!!