Saturday, December 22, 2007

my little buddy...

we always had cats growing up, and i simply love cats. justin and i got a kitten from the animal shelter not too long after we were married. the poor little guy got very sick and didn't make it. his name was zao, and he holds a very special place in our hearts [and the vet, who actually had him cremated and SAVED his ashes - true story]. a couple months later we decided to get another kitten from the shelter. a litter of kittens just 5 weeks old had been rescued and we picked out an adorable little guy with a crooked looking face. we gave him a very biblical name, jacob, which means one to replace another. deep, i know. jake has been with us for over six years now. who knew when we brought home the tiny ball of fur, he would someday be 21 pounds! jake has his peculularities, but oh the joy he brings. he likes to play hide & seek, drinks out of the toilet bowl, doesn't really like people food with the exception of french fries, thinks he's a lap cat although he hangs off because of his size, and likes to sleep cuddled right in between me and justin.
it's very healthy to be a pet owner. did you know that when talking to a cat your blood pressure and heart rate are even lower than when talking to a human?

my buddy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

25 days of christmas

justin and i love christmas. really, what's not to, tons of parties, classic christmas cartoons, twinkling lights, christmas music, steaming hot cocoa under the tree, christmas cookies...perhaps you get my point.
in an effort to enjoy it as much as possible, we came up with our 25 days of christmas board. [don't look too closely, we're a little behind]. we have lots of fun christmas traditions, from cutting down the tree together to our christmas morning walk [justin proposed to me on christmas morning - i know - aww]. another favorite tradition is our christmas eve get-together with my family. gram and gramps come over. we have our 'christmas eve dinner' - hamburgers [or veggie burgers!], latkes, and homemade milkshakes. we go to our church candlelit christmas eve service, which i love. then we come home and open gifts from each other. [we now draw names due to the ever expanding family].
it is a night full of goodness, laughter and pure joy.
i so love my family!

jake is very helpful.

te hee...jake is also very festive.

25 days of christmas!

what family traditions do you have?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

dreeeeam, dream, dream, dream...

i just received an email that made me laugh out loud
[referred by some as lol].

Hey mars!

I had a funny dream about you. Our whole family was skiing and you decided to wear shorts (for some odd reason). There were three different ski jumps you could go off, 2 with snow and one with cement. You decided to do the one with cement. You fell when you landed and scraped your butt on the cement pretty badly. We had to call the ski patrol and they bandaged your scraped and bleeding bumJ

The endJ


i love my little leeko
[aka lyx, aka gingy, aka leeko bandito, aka lyndsay].
she makes me laugh a lot.
i enjoy spending time with her.
she's fantastic.
such wonderful family the Lord has given me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

o christmas tree...

our first christmas together, justin and i lived in s.c. we found a lot with 'real' trees and picked one out. we were wearing short sleeves and had the car windows down on the ride home. something about warm and palm trees is just not christmas-y.
when we moved back to n.y. we started the tradition of going to a tree farm to cut down our tree, and it's simply wonderful. we have a great time together wandering through the snow, looking for the 'perfect' tree.
decisions, decisions
i won the snowball fight
the perfect tree
happy about our christmas tree
and we're off
to the michau homestead.
stay tuned for photos of the finished product...