Sunday, December 16, 2007

25 days of christmas

justin and i love christmas. really, what's not to, tons of parties, classic christmas cartoons, twinkling lights, christmas music, steaming hot cocoa under the tree, christmas cookies...perhaps you get my point.
in an effort to enjoy it as much as possible, we came up with our 25 days of christmas board. [don't look too closely, we're a little behind]. we have lots of fun christmas traditions, from cutting down the tree together to our christmas morning walk [justin proposed to me on christmas morning - i know - aww]. another favorite tradition is our christmas eve get-together with my family. gram and gramps come over. we have our 'christmas eve dinner' - hamburgers [or veggie burgers!], latkes, and homemade milkshakes. we go to our church candlelit christmas eve service, which i love. then we come home and open gifts from each other. [we now draw names due to the ever expanding family].
it is a night full of goodness, laughter and pure joy.
i so love my family!

jake is very helpful.

te hee...jake is also very festive.

25 days of christmas!

what family traditions do you have?


  1. wow. i absolutely love your 25 days board. that's really awesome. i love how much you guys love doing all that stuff together. we must make a new years goal to hang out as couples! i always tell jeremy that i wish we had to survive on joe indian island (in the daks) for one whole year. only being able to bring what we could fit in our canoe...having to make everything, including our home. how about for new years we all run away and be people of the woods for 2008? we'll come back next christmas. ok, talk it over with justin and get back to me :0) hehehe...

  2. i've seen that board many a year, and have yet to see a michau christmas card...did i not make the list??

    i think jake is hoping that this picture will be the christmas card this year and that's why he posed so nicely.

    when do we get to try all the tasty treats...chocolate pretzels, s'more suckers, pecan pie...i'm getting hungry.

    and victoria, i talk about the same thing with mike, being stranded on our own island. it's my secret dream.

  3. way to call me out mand. as i recall i said NOT to look too closely. but you WILL get one this year. they're printed. we couldn't not send them when they're already printed, right? [quick prayer] Lord, please help me to send my christmas cards this year.

  4. hey guys,
    this is jeremy
    wanted to respond to justins comment on my blog. its funny that you wrote cause i was just saying to victoria last night that it seems like you guys have a lot of the same interest as us, and i dont know why we havent gotten together yet. we should definately do some hiking/camping soon.
    as far as wordpress thing... not a clue
    really like the graphic stuff you have on ur blog
    take care!

  5. i also LOVE the 25 days of Christmas board!!! so creative & cute!

  6. manda, i love that you share the same "island" dream. oh, it would be so amazing! the other night we went for a late night walk in the snow and i said "this could be us on the island, coming back from getting water." sometimes i confuse myself with a character from "little house in the big woods." :)