Thursday, December 6, 2007

dreeeeam, dream, dream, dream...

i just received an email that made me laugh out loud
[referred by some as lol].

Hey mars!

I had a funny dream about you. Our whole family was skiing and you decided to wear shorts (for some odd reason). There were three different ski jumps you could go off, 2 with snow and one with cement. You decided to do the one with cement. You fell when you landed and scraped your butt on the cement pretty badly. We had to call the ski patrol and they bandaged your scraped and bleeding bumJ

The endJ


i love my little leeko
[aka lyx, aka gingy, aka leeko bandito, aka lyndsay].
she makes me laugh a lot.
i enjoy spending time with her.
she's fantastic.
such wonderful family the Lord has given me.


  1. i also laughed out loud.

    poor marsie's bum.

  2. oh lynz... this rivals all the talking cow dreams that she used to have whenever she spent the night at my house... "and then the bull walked all the way up your stairs and into your room!"