Saturday, December 22, 2007

my little buddy...

we always had cats growing up, and i simply love cats. justin and i got a kitten from the animal shelter not too long after we were married. the poor little guy got very sick and didn't make it. his name was zao, and he holds a very special place in our hearts [and the vet, who actually had him cremated and SAVED his ashes - true story]. a couple months later we decided to get another kitten from the shelter. a litter of kittens just 5 weeks old had been rescued and we picked out an adorable little guy with a crooked looking face. we gave him a very biblical name, jacob, which means one to replace another. deep, i know. jake has been with us for over six years now. who knew when we brought home the tiny ball of fur, he would someday be 21 pounds! jake has his peculularities, but oh the joy he brings. he likes to play hide & seek, drinks out of the toilet bowl, doesn't really like people food with the exception of french fries, thinks he's a lap cat although he hangs off because of his size, and likes to sleep cuddled right in between me and justin.
it's very healthy to be a pet owner. did you know that when talking to a cat your blood pressure and heart rate are even lower than when talking to a human?

my buddy.


  1. My boy makes me proud.

  2. Aw I love it! I've always had a cat growing up as well, I would be so lonely without one. :) He's so cute

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  4. AWWW I love cats too!! I just recently brought home a little kitten and she is sooo adorable so I know the feeling about how awesome pets are!! especially cats :-D