Wednesday, December 5, 2007

o christmas tree...

our first christmas together, justin and i lived in s.c. we found a lot with 'real' trees and picked one out. we were wearing short sleeves and had the car windows down on the ride home. something about warm and palm trees is just not christmas-y.
when we moved back to n.y. we started the tradition of going to a tree farm to cut down our tree, and it's simply wonderful. we have a great time together wandering through the snow, looking for the 'perfect' tree.
decisions, decisions
i won the snowball fight
the perfect tree
happy about our christmas tree
and we're off
to the michau homestead.
stay tuned for photos of the finished product...


  1. looks like fun! we're off to cut ours down this weekend :) have fun decorating!!

  2. love it!! i love the picture of you wandering amongst the trees...

  3. You guys are just toooooooo cute!!!