Tuesday, January 29, 2008

nyc in january


it's always a pleasure to spend time with my favoritist brother craigy.
last weekend was no exception.
my sister lyndsay and brother-in-law andy so kindly chauffeured [confession: i needed the help of mr. google, i don't actually know how to spell chauffeured] myself and justin. we had a wonderful weekend together [although it would have been MUCH more fun with oh-so-preggo-mando, who couldn't join us due to her prego-ness].
the highlights of our weekend included, but were not limited to:
people watching
juniors cheesecake
lots of laughter
yummy white hot cocoa
heartfelt discussion
bagel sammys with eggs, feta and sriracha hot sauce, made by us
[mr. google is very smart, he even knows i mean sriracha when i type in saracha]
i'm noticing this is filled with food, but what can i say people - i love good food.
lots o walking
bundling up because it was c-c-c-cold!
wearing shorts and tanks [no joke] in craig's sweltering apartment [the heat is currently at 58 in my home, where it usually sits, so i took in every moment of that toasty goodness]
subway rides
seeing friends

the reason we so frequent nyc

our partners in crime for the trip
notice lyx's smug grin

subway shuga

subway rat

can't go anywhere without the dang paparazzi following

we obviously hadn't had our coffee yet

post coffee

waiting for some max brenners white hot cocoa
surprised i'm not drooling

craiger waiting not-so-patiently

andy FINALLY found chantico!

27 degrees
11 degree windchill

lyx teaching me how to do an irish jig

i almost got it

give me a couple weeks, ok

this is how we feel about mando not being with us

Saturday, January 26, 2008

my sweet nephew...

we had a wonderful dinner with mike and mand last night. panda [chinese]...justin's favorite. on the drive home justin said, 'i like hanging out with mike and mand'. it's fabulous having such wonderful siblings and hubbys that get along so very well. and of course linc is always a pleasure! [next time you see him, you must ask him to do the uncle justin stare - it's simply too much!] i love my little linco and i can't wait to meet his little brover, whom he affectionately refers to as cookie or bookie.

this is the way the gentlemen ride...

this is the way the farmers ride...

i'll take one lincoln to go please.

last weekend we had a fun-filled weekend in nyc with andy and lyx to visit craigy.
someday i will get those pics up...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my life as a realtor

today was my first day on the job and i had a GREAT day! as a realtor, you are an independent contractor - in charge of finding all your own business. so i didn't have high hopes for my first day seeing how i have ZERO clients. i had in mind a day of writing letters and organizing my desk. however, as soon as i walked in the door, one of the experienced and established agents took me under his wing. my day was spent doing things that real life realtors do - filling out listing paperwork, calling agents to set up appointments, and even a SHOWING. *singing* i think i'm gonna like it here!
did i mention the house was a historic mansion? president lincoln stayed in the house in 1861. the house was a mere 4,800 square feet. for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of the house we showed. if you have $375,000 and would like to see the house...let me know.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

officially official

i am now officially a licensed real estate salesperson!
for the past month i have been going through an intensive training program, which has been overwhelming to say the least. [i have also continued to work 2 part time jobs and lead the college ministry at church.]
i can help you [or your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors] move to or from anywhere in the world...sooo, let me know.
check it: secret agent
here to meet all your real estate needs.
photo by: justin a. michau

Sunday, January 13, 2008

i'm gonna go eat worms...

my parents have been cleaning out their house and giving me various items from my childhood. one of these items was my journal from 3rd grade, which as you can imagine is quite entertaining. i found the following entry, which somewhat goes along with my today:

some things never change.
sometimes i just don't like today.
sometimes i just don't like me today.

although i am an extremely talented illustrator...
[as can be seen above]

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

25 very good things about december...

shewww...a very busy last couple weeks.
but i had a wonderful christmas.
following are 25 very good things about december:

the glow of christmas lights

craigy's home!

linco wearing jake's antlers

christmas cutouts
[grams recipe]...
unfortunately i have no after photos

the smell of balsam


bannister christmas

making christmas presents

receiving homemade christmas presents! [cornhole]
lovingly made by andy and lyndsay

being cozy inside with lots of snow outside

uncle rog's amazing christmas tree

mom m. LOVING shoveling snow

traditional christmas eve dinner
ham[/veggie]burgers, latkes, and homemade milkshakes

ornaments hung with care

outtings with family
linco mocking aj when she covered one ear to hear better

an underground operation this year
flavors this year: strawberry, creamsicle, mocha, chocolate

anticipation of giving and receiving gifts christmas morning

seeing the joy of those opening their gifts

linco wanting everyone to clap after EVERY present


stockings hung with care

me and mooms
traditional christmas breakfast
[southern style: biscuits, grits]
believe it or not you can't buy fatback in the great white north

from auntie marmo & uncle duhden
one of my favorite books ever - goodnight moon
linc is quite fascinated with the moonn
not to be confused with the eating utensil - mun [spoon]

jake's tradition: climbing in wrapping paper

another fabulous christmas with my best friend in the world.