Wednesday, January 9, 2008

25 very good things about december...

shewww...a very busy last couple weeks.
but i had a wonderful christmas.
following are 25 very good things about december:

the glow of christmas lights

craigy's home!

linco wearing jake's antlers

christmas cutouts
[grams recipe]...
unfortunately i have no after photos

the smell of balsam


bannister christmas

making christmas presents

receiving homemade christmas presents! [cornhole]
lovingly made by andy and lyndsay

being cozy inside with lots of snow outside

uncle rog's amazing christmas tree

mom m. LOVING shoveling snow

traditional christmas eve dinner
ham[/veggie]burgers, latkes, and homemade milkshakes

ornaments hung with care

outtings with family
linco mocking aj when she covered one ear to hear better

an underground operation this year
flavors this year: strawberry, creamsicle, mocha, chocolate

anticipation of giving and receiving gifts christmas morning

seeing the joy of those opening their gifts

linco wanting everyone to clap after EVERY present


stockings hung with care

me and mooms
traditional christmas breakfast
[southern style: biscuits, grits]
believe it or not you can't buy fatback in the great white north

from auntie marmo & uncle duhden
one of my favorite books ever - goodnight moon
linc is quite fascinated with the moonn
not to be confused with the eating utensil - mun [spoon]

jake's tradition: climbing in wrapping paper

another fabulous christmas with my best friend in the world.


  1. aw, our gifts!!! we LOVE them!! i am currently using them as bookstops. :) i love the cornhole game that andy & lyndsay built - awesome! it was so good to see you guys while we were home. hopefully we'll see you again soon!

  2. dont know what that cornhole thing is, but i really like the design on that. did they design that too?

  3. craiger actually did the design for it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your pictures and memories of this past Christmas!! Sounds like your family has some great traditions!

    I have a question though--what exactly is "cornhole"? Just curious.

    Hope all is going well with your real estate training that you're doing right now!

    Take care!

  5. mike, gramps & i do not like having our christmas eve dinner interrupted by picture taking (note our expressions).

    linc now has fav pages in goodnight moon. the "goodnight nobody" page and the "goodnight mush" page. he always opens the book to those pages & just keeps pointing at them for us to read.

    i love that pic of ms. teresa shoveling snow.