Sunday, January 13, 2008

i'm gonna go eat worms...

my parents have been cleaning out their house and giving me various items from my childhood. one of these items was my journal from 3rd grade, which as you can imagine is quite entertaining. i found the following entry, which somewhat goes along with my today:

some things never change.
sometimes i just don't like today.
sometimes i just don't like me today.

although i am an extremely talented illustrator...
[as can be seen above]


  1. I have definitely had these days especially when I was younger. I used to get teased basically going all the way back to the first grade when I first got the largest, dorkiest, hot pink glasses EVER made!! haha so I know what you mean!!

  2. oh my word, this post made me so sad. i definitely have old journal, er "diary" entries like that though... although, i'm not sure whether mine had such exquisite artistry. marla, you are NOT dumb, small, or stupid. people like you, gosh darn it!

  3. ohmigosh...greatest ever. i guess this makes it worth it that mom saves so much stuff.

    poor little marise. mandy always likes marsie. i wish i could give little mar a hug right now.

    we love are chothers.