Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my life as a realtor

today was my first day on the job and i had a GREAT day! as a realtor, you are an independent contractor - in charge of finding all your own business. so i didn't have high hopes for my first day seeing how i have ZERO clients. i had in mind a day of writing letters and organizing my desk. however, as soon as i walked in the door, one of the experienced and established agents took me under his wing. my day was spent doing things that real life realtors do - filling out listing paperwork, calling agents to set up appointments, and even a SHOWING. *singing* i think i'm gonna like it here!
did i mention the house was a historic mansion? president lincoln stayed in the house in 1861. the house was a mere 4,800 square feet. for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of the house we showed. if you have $375,000 and would like to see the house...let me know.


  1. It's really nice when people take you under their wing. I hate being new to something.

  2. nice place Mar, let me check with my banker and see if I have enough funds to purchase that. we could all live there. ha!! ha!! so proud of you!! Love , mom t.

  3. rad, where is that house?

    i didn't even know you would have a desk & everything there at the office. you need to fill me in on these details. so professional.

  4. Isn't real estate fun? My dad and step-mother both work as realtors part-time, and sometimes they let me do open houses for them. It's nice to have control of your own schedule, and how you do things. Good luck with your listings!

  5. wow - that's beautiful.
    can you believe that the average house (picture something nice, like the size of your house & the average Batavia house) in downtown plymouth costs that much (and usually more)?!?! it's absolutely ridiculous here.

  6. So, did the people you showed the house to like it? I know I would!!

    Can we do a walk-through at, say, 5:00 on Friday (wink, wink)???

    Don't you just love LEGALLY looking through other people's houses!!!!

    Good luck!!