Tuesday, January 29, 2008

nyc in january


it's always a pleasure to spend time with my favoritist brother craigy.
last weekend was no exception.
my sister lyndsay and brother-in-law andy so kindly chauffeured [confession: i needed the help of mr. google, i don't actually know how to spell chauffeured] myself and justin. we had a wonderful weekend together [although it would have been MUCH more fun with oh-so-preggo-mando, who couldn't join us due to her prego-ness].
the highlights of our weekend included, but were not limited to:
people watching
juniors cheesecake
lots of laughter
yummy white hot cocoa
heartfelt discussion
bagel sammys with eggs, feta and sriracha hot sauce, made by us
[mr. google is very smart, he even knows i mean sriracha when i type in saracha]
i'm noticing this is filled with food, but what can i say people - i love good food.
lots o walking
bundling up because it was c-c-c-cold!
wearing shorts and tanks [no joke] in craig's sweltering apartment [the heat is currently at 58 in my home, where it usually sits, so i took in every moment of that toasty goodness]
subway rides
seeing friends

the reason we so frequent nyc

our partners in crime for the trip
notice lyx's smug grin

subway shuga

subway rat

can't go anywhere without the dang paparazzi following

we obviously hadn't had our coffee yet

post coffee

waiting for some max brenners white hot cocoa
surprised i'm not drooling

craiger waiting not-so-patiently

andy FINALLY found chantico!

27 degrees
11 degree windchill

lyx teaching me how to do an irish jig

i almost got it

give me a couple weeks, ok

this is how we feel about mando not being with us


  1. FUN! love the pic of you in your fab hat & sunglasses - so celeb chic, which you MUST do in nyc. i've always wanted to grab a huge pair of sunglasses, a huge purse, some shopping bags, a tiny dog and a huge cup of starbucks, then walk with my head down really fast and see how many people take pictures or ask for my autograph.... someday.

  2. this is cute.
    you are funny.
    and i am very amused that you also refer to pregnant people as "prego"
    i don't feel so alone :)
    love you woman

  3. you fell in the subway while trying to do an irish jig?!! why did i not hear about this? that is so great!! (and gross...get off the dirty floor)

    mmm...i want the white hot cocoa and juniors cheesecake and yummy bagel sandwiches! i can't believe i had to miss all that. i'm going to look at my cupcake picture to feel better.

  4. um, I'm with Rachel, I LOVE that hat. I was at work yesterday and thinking of that amazing hat and how I would love that have that to protect my whole head :) I have a not so fun walk from the parking lot into work.

  5. thank you ladies! my mooms made it for me for christmas, isn't she fabulous?!