Tuesday, January 15, 2008

officially official

i am now officially a licensed real estate salesperson!
for the past month i have been going through an intensive training program, which has been overwhelming to say the least. [i have also continued to work 2 part time jobs and lead the college ministry at church.]
i can help you [or your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors] move to or from anywhere in the world...sooo, let me know.
check it: secret agent
here to meet all your real estate needs.
photo by: justin a. michau


  1. congrats!! that is so exciting!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! You've definitely earned it!! What a beautiful picture of you too!!

    Let me know if you come across a house we'd both just like to look at. You know I'm up for checking out houses! I'll "make an appointment" with you and we can be official now-not just voyeurs!

    Good luck and HAPPY SELLING!!


  3. You make me proud. ILU

  4. too great!! i'm so excited your stinkin' classes will finally be over!

    when do we get our nothnagle minicalendar??

    jake was in my dream the other nite. it was rather funny. i'll have to tell you about it sometime.

  5. so, i left you a comment yesterday, but apparently it's gone today. what i wrote before was: hopefully doug & i will be requiring your services in a few years! ;)


    p.s. beautiful pic!!

  6. congrats, marla! :) i'll keep you in mind when i'm a nurse making enough money to actually move somewhere. haha.