Saturday, February 23, 2008

my ideal life.

i procrastinate. like crazy. i like to sleep in late. really late. i wish i would exercise. but i don't. so all this got me to thinking - what would my life look like ideally? i have come up with an ideal daily schedule. and i'd like to follow this schedule for a week and see what my life is like. and to hold myself accountable, i thought i'd tell the whole wide world. my ideal life:

wake up early enough not to have to brush my teeth and make coffee at the same time.
wake up early enough to read my bible in the morning.
[most mornings this means about 7.30am -now i'm lucky if i'm outta bed by 8.30am]
be on time to work [hope my boss doesn't read this - she might gain unrealistic expectations!]
plan ahead so i have the necessary groceries to make meals.
make dinner every night [yikes.]
exercise 5 out of 7 days [double yikes.]
read for at least 20 minutes each day. blogs don't count. [rats.]

what would your ideal week look like?

ta da!

i love my new do - my hairdresser cindy is absolutely wonderful! and i just barely made it, with 9 inches to donate to locks of love [i believe you need 8]. change is fun and i am enjoying my short hair. i felt like i lost weight...which i suppose is plausible with my thick mane. here she is:

jake joined in the photoshoot also...

Thursday, February 21, 2008


i came home to this and it made me smile.

i am an u.o. junkie. i know i could do much more meaningful things with my monies...but fresh, new u.o. clothes simply make my day. plus they have killer sales. what's a girl to do?
i know the suspense of the new do is killing i promise to get pictures up asap.

Monday, February 18, 2008

hair today, gone tomorrow...

it's that time again. i have let my hair grow to the point of it's driving me nuts-o. so tonight it will come off. hopefully enough to donate to locks of love again. here is me today [note all the lovely sweaters]:

here is me tomorrow:

okay, so maybe i won't be as hot as téa leoni
...but hopefully my hair will be.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ugly sweater party

aunt jan is a wonderful hostess. she throws parties for every holiday you can think of, and there's always lots of people, lots of yummy food, and lots of fun. this year the valentine's party is actually going to be an ugly sweater party, which i'm quite excited about. justin and i made our way to the s&a boutique, where we found many practicable [there's a word of the week for you] options. which is the ugliest of them all...

leaping lizards!

growing up we did not have cable and didn't watch much tv. we did, however, watch some pretty amazing musicals such as the sound of music, 7 brides for 7 brothers, and annie about a gazillion times. i recently discovered justin has seen NONE of these amazing classics and i am on a quest to fix this oversight. it's a little more tricky then i thought it might be. i recently purchased annie, however i simply cannot get this boy to watch it with me. [last night we flipped a coin to see who got to choose the evening's activities - and of course, he won. otherwise he so would've had a hot friday night annie date night.] so, go ahead - leave your favorite annie quote and tell justin how much he will enjoy this marvelous movie.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day.

valentine's day is so much fun! going through the day, wondering what the next sappy surprise will be. the day started out perfect - a dunkin donuts coffee and muffin greeted me as i came downstairs. when i came home for lunch, a bright bouquet of flowers was on the kitchen counter ...and a steaming bowl of tomato bisque and grilled cheese sandwich awaited. we finished off the evening with a homemade carbolicious meal - southern honey fried chicken, mac & cheese and rice. tonight after thursdays i will attempt molten chocolate cakes. a wonderful day with a wonderful man. i'm so blessed to have such a fabulous husband. he's so very thoughtful and creative. the "i love you" are 3 separate pictures he took and sent to me by email. a big red 'i' on his computer screen, 'love' spray painted in the snow, and 'you' on his very own hand. how cute and clever is he?! some of our valentine's fun...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2007 in review

my dear friend meghs and i were talking the other night about how quickly time goes by these days. the older i get, the quicker time seems to go. this morning i was thinking about how the first month of 2008 is gone, and how very long ago 2007 seems. when 2007 began, my life was completely different than it is today. in 2007 i was a full time student. justin was a designer for a marketing firm in downtown buffalo. i hung out with craigy every weekend [come hooooome craigy!].
here are some reflections of my 2007:

thursdays launched in our new building

andy swept lyx off her feet. a beautiful winter wedding.

justin got a new job at northgate

snowshoeing with friends

80's valentine bash

craig moved to a far away land

nyc with meghs

my 1st ever visit to the west coast

nyc with the fam

27 and doing cartwheels

our japanese brother hiro left

camping with j memorial day weekend

linco j turned 1!

slept under the stars with friends

cousin rachel had one of the most beautiful weddings ever

michigan fam vacation

nyc with chris & heather

georgetown to visit family

covenant acres campout

7 year anniversary!

adks with michaus

vermont with j

found out nephew #2 is on the way

drove in snowstorm to see rob bell in cleveland

started real estate training