Saturday, February 2, 2008

2007 in review

my dear friend meghs and i were talking the other night about how quickly time goes by these days. the older i get, the quicker time seems to go. this morning i was thinking about how the first month of 2008 is gone, and how very long ago 2007 seems. when 2007 began, my life was completely different than it is today. in 2007 i was a full time student. justin was a designer for a marketing firm in downtown buffalo. i hung out with craigy every weekend [come hooooome craigy!].
here are some reflections of my 2007:

thursdays launched in our new building

andy swept lyx off her feet. a beautiful winter wedding.

justin got a new job at northgate

snowshoeing with friends

80's valentine bash

craig moved to a far away land

nyc with meghs

my 1st ever visit to the west coast

nyc with the fam

27 and doing cartwheels

our japanese brother hiro left

camping with j memorial day weekend

linco j turned 1!

slept under the stars with friends

cousin rachel had one of the most beautiful weddings ever

michigan fam vacation

nyc with chris & heather

georgetown to visit family

covenant acres campout

7 year anniversary!

adks with michaus

vermont with j

found out nephew #2 is on the way

drove in snowstorm to see rob bell in cleveland

started real estate training


  1. WOW, what a year you had in 2007!! I think our 2008 is going to be like that, except all the world-traveling you and Justin do!!

    Hope you have a great 2008, with maybe not so many changes as 2007!


  2. you forgot to add....

    you met mallory in 2007!!!

  3. hey marla, for the retreat this weekend jer wanted to double check you got his e-mail and find out how long each session is/and how many that he's speaking for :) looking forward to it! see you soon.

  4. LOVE the pic of you & just lying on the grass with your shades - so fabulous. :)

  5. what a cute post.

    i love the pic of you & just on the west coast, you look super cute. and the one of you, just & ms. teresa (theresa?) is super nice. (frame it - mother's day!).

    i hope your 2008 recap includes creating cousin for linc & cookie!!! (although we do NOT want to see pics from that event). haa!!!!