Monday, February 18, 2008

hair today, gone tomorrow...

it's that time again. i have let my hair grow to the point of it's driving me nuts-o. so tonight it will come off. hopefully enough to donate to locks of love again. here is me today [note all the lovely sweaters]:

here is me tomorrow:

okay, so maybe i won't be as hot as téa leoni
...but hopefully my hair will be.


  1. First of all: I'm happy to see you picked the sweater I would have voted for! That was definitely the worst. That's so fun! I wish we knew about the party, although it was a busy weekend.
    Second: I'm excited for your haircut. I'm tempted to get my chopped as well. I feel like it's so weighted down and it needs some renewed life.

  2. Not true. Hotter!

  3. holy cats!! i can't believe it! short again (your hair, i mean, don't worry, i'm not dissing your height). you will look hotter than téa.
    and when exactly is this happening...don't we already have a super busy day tomorrow??

    i look so super-disgusting-swollen in this picture it is not even funny. i should have been edited out. but linc is great!

  4. 1. i also was voting for that sweater!! so hideous, although you still manage to look awesome. :)
    2. CUTE hair cut! it's going to look awesome!!

  5. okay, time for us to see pics of the new 'do!!

  6. Awww, I want to wear an ugly sweater. But I guess I'd choose Bangkok over ugly sweaters. One cannot do it all.

  7. So where's the new pictures???? Can't wait to see your new style!!!