Monday, March 31, 2008

the whole happy family...

craiger egger came home for easter weekend, and of course, we had a fun-filled weekend. friday we had lunch at the world's BEST mexican restaurant, margarita's. people even drive all the way from nyc to eat here. saturday we had fun at andy & lyx's apt, drinking lots of ale 8. we also enjoyed a good game of last word. mike won. but he cheats. i wish i could see craiger more. we've already begun planning our next trip to nyc [centered around food, of course].

a serious crew...

...or not.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

she throws a mean party...

the other day i was talking to my brother craig, who is currently living in nyc. i was trying to convince him to move home for the 439th time, and he asked, "mar after living in nyc, what is there to do in batavia?" i quickly responded, "craig, we have enough family parties to fill anyone's life. " i have a large family and there's always a party somewhere. and i love it. aunt jan [aj] has been a master party thrower for as long as i can remember. she is a wonderful hostess. there's the valentine's party, st. patrick's day party, lots of birthday parties, the fall party, little christmas party, and so on. aj's parties are fabulous because she attends to all the details. there's always handmade invitations. and the guests are always requested to wear proper attire [green for st. patty's day, etc.]. here are some of the amazing details from the st. patrick's day party, where we ate corned beef & cabbage, of course [cabbage & potatoes for me]. good food [and good dessert, of course] is the first important item, but i didn't get any pictures.

adorable little snowmen on fresh greenery on the window boxes:

st. patty's snowbear to greet us on the porch:

fantastic centerpiece on the table:

dad rebelled, claiming he's a protestant & wore orange.
notice the green paper chain & clovers:

no party is complete without fresh flowers:

3 last very important things...
GOOD coffee, cute tea cups, and a festive tablecloth:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

malacai, mom, and ac/dc.

with an abundance of love
we welcome to our family
malacai mitchell mcgrath
born march 10, 2008
9lbs 2oz

linc is pretty excited too...

another new addition, which i may be jealous of...

my mom got a prius. she's being good to mother earth AND she gets 50+ miles per gallon. i will share with you something that made me laugh til i cried. twice actually. the other day justin and i were riding in the prius with mom and dad and mom asked, "justin did you leave a cd in the car?" we had only been in the car one other time, and no justin had not left a cd in there. so mom goes on to tell us she was listening to a cd and she wasn't sure what it was, but it was pretty rocking. so she turns on the cd for us to hear. turns out mooms is cruising around batavia jamming out to ac/dc. haaa. amazing. must be a new promotion - buy a prius, get a free ac/dc cd. [whoa that's a lot of c's and d's.]

Sunday, March 9, 2008

this morning at Michaus

i'm sorry to say i didn't get any pictures of the rash. it wasn't very pretty anyways. it came out of nowhere and the doctor was NO help in trying to figure out what caused the rash. [reason #34 i believe it's a waste of time to go to the doctor] the doc did give me some meds that just about knocked me out for a week and kept me from one of my most favorite activities - sleeping. i am happy to say it's gone. my coworkers at Nothnagle suggested perhaps it was caused by the Snuggle fabric softener I had just purchased. [note to insurance company: please send check to Nothnagle for my diagnosis, not to my doctor] i have never had an allergic reaction to anything so this was all very crazy. in other news, all the snow that didn't come this winter came last night. my mom emailed a couple pictures this morning of her backyard and little linc who spent the night at mimi & pops. here's pictures of our yard & little one...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sale pending.

i know i have been a horrible blogger. for lent i gave up blogging after 5pm, in an effort to be more productive in the evenings [although i would MUCH rather be reading YOUR blog]! and i must admit, with my busy schedule it has been quite tricky to fit the blogging in during the day. sooo, i was going to post a blog about my first listing, which is very exciting:
[what a dork, i even have a name tag]

but, it is even more exciting to share that my listing is sale pending! the day after it went on the market we had a buyer! woo hoo! now we'll pray this puppy closes, no ifs ands or buts.
if you're lucky, i'll share about my lovely new rash tomorrow, maybe even a picture...