Saturday, March 15, 2008

malacai, mom, and ac/dc.

with an abundance of love
we welcome to our family
malacai mitchell mcgrath
born march 10, 2008
9lbs 2oz

linc is pretty excited too...

another new addition, which i may be jealous of...

my mom got a prius. she's being good to mother earth AND she gets 50+ miles per gallon. i will share with you something that made me laugh til i cried. twice actually. the other day justin and i were riding in the prius with mom and dad and mom asked, "justin did you leave a cd in the car?" we had only been in the car one other time, and no justin had not left a cd in there. so mom goes on to tell us she was listening to a cd and she wasn't sure what it was, but it was pretty rocking. so she turns on the cd for us to hear. turns out mooms is cruising around batavia jamming out to ac/dc. haaa. amazing. must be a new promotion - buy a prius, get a free ac/dc cd. [whoa that's a lot of c's and d's.]

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