Tuesday, March 4, 2008

sale pending.

i know i have been a horrible blogger. for lent i gave up blogging after 5pm, in an effort to be more productive in the evenings [although i would MUCH rather be reading YOUR blog]! and i must admit, with my busy schedule it has been quite tricky to fit the blogging in during the day. sooo, i was going to post a blog about my first listing, which is very exciting:
[what a dork, i even have a name tag]

but, it is even more exciting to share that my listing is sale pending! the day after it went on the market we had a buyer! woo hoo! now we'll pray this puppy closes, no ifs ands or buts.
if you're lucky, i'll share about my lovely new rash tomorrow, maybe even a picture...


  1. awesome! how exciting for you! :)

  2. How great would it be for both you and the seller of the house if it sold!!

    What's this about a rash????? Not sure you need to share this kind of information with the blogging world!!

    Good luck with the sale!!

  3. haa...bring on the rash pictures!!!