Thursday, March 20, 2008

she throws a mean party...

the other day i was talking to my brother craig, who is currently living in nyc. i was trying to convince him to move home for the 439th time, and he asked, "mar after living in nyc, what is there to do in batavia?" i quickly responded, "craig, we have enough family parties to fill anyone's life. " i have a large family and there's always a party somewhere. and i love it. aunt jan [aj] has been a master party thrower for as long as i can remember. she is a wonderful hostess. there's the valentine's party, st. patrick's day party, lots of birthday parties, the fall party, little christmas party, and so on. aj's parties are fabulous because she attends to all the details. there's always handmade invitations. and the guests are always requested to wear proper attire [green for st. patty's day, etc.]. here are some of the amazing details from the st. patrick's day party, where we ate corned beef & cabbage, of course [cabbage & potatoes for me]. good food [and good dessert, of course] is the first important item, but i didn't get any pictures.

adorable little snowmen on fresh greenery on the window boxes:

st. patty's snowbear to greet us on the porch:

fantastic centerpiece on the table:

dad rebelled, claiming he's a protestant & wore orange.
notice the green paper chain & clovers:

no party is complete without fresh flowers:

3 last very important things...
GOOD coffee, cute tea cups, and a festive tablecloth:


  1. oh my word, your dad is hilarious. also - since when is gag gift christmas "little christmas"?? i'm striking. next year, anyone who wants to give gifts to make fun of their relatives (all in love and good humor, of course) - party's at our place!

  2. aj is so cute. i love the little window box with the snowman. adorable.

  3. response to your comment on my blog: true, we only had one dessert... but we did have 2 dishes of candy out. :) somewhat redeeming.