Sunday, March 9, 2008

this morning at Michaus

i'm sorry to say i didn't get any pictures of the rash. it wasn't very pretty anyways. it came out of nowhere and the doctor was NO help in trying to figure out what caused the rash. [reason #34 i believe it's a waste of time to go to the doctor] the doc did give me some meds that just about knocked me out for a week and kept me from one of my most favorite activities - sleeping. i am happy to say it's gone. my coworkers at Nothnagle suggested perhaps it was caused by the Snuggle fabric softener I had just purchased. [note to insurance company: please send check to Nothnagle for my diagnosis, not to my doctor] i have never had an allergic reaction to anything so this was all very crazy. in other news, all the snow that didn't come this winter came last night. my mom emailed a couple pictures this morning of her backyard and little linc who spent the night at mimi & pops. here's pictures of our yard & little one...

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