Monday, March 31, 2008

the whole happy family...

craiger egger came home for easter weekend, and of course, we had a fun-filled weekend. friday we had lunch at the world's BEST mexican restaurant, margarita's. people even drive all the way from nyc to eat here. saturday we had fun at andy & lyx's apt, drinking lots of ale 8. we also enjoyed a good game of last word. mike won. but he cheats. i wish i could see craiger more. we've already begun planning our next trip to nyc [centered around food, of course].

a serious crew...

...or not.


  1. cutesie sibling pictures! i'm glad craig was able to come up & spend the holiday with you guys!

    fyi - i changed my url to

  2. dear marla,
    are you ever going to blog again? i miss you.