Thursday, April 17, 2008


holy smokes. i haven't posted in april and it's already half past. we got our taxes in just in the nick of time. we may or may have not FINISHED them on the day they were DUE. but they're done, they took more of our monies, i hope uncle sam is happy. a couple friends have suggested we have kids to GET money back rather than having to PAY money...but i think we may still come out ahead just paying a grand.
these past couple weeks have been outta control crazy. justin had his
cd release with relevant worship, which was absolutely FABULOUS. there were 1600 people and it was a great night. more great pics here
my hunky hubby

tuesday we left for lancaster, pa to go to a conference for free methodist church leaders in the northeast. we drove with mooms and pops, which is always a pleasure and justin has wonderful co-workers whom we so enjoy spending time with. so it was a great 3 days and it went by super fast. bishop roller spoke a great message, hitting on something that has been extremely heavy on my heart lately...
you can't sit AND stand.
you can't stay AND go.
you can't be a radical follower of Christ AND be a comfortable middle class american.
--bishop david roller
for the past few months there hasn't been a day i haven't thought about this.
i love to shop. i love fashion. i love home improvement.
and yet...
over 140,000 babies die each year because their parents can't afford a $5 vaccination.
for .70 a day we can ensure a child receives food and education.
people in haiti are eating dirt because they're starving and can't afford food.
i pray that i can find balance in life.
i pray that i will do better at blessing others as Christ has so greatly blessed me.

children who need to be sponsored.

photo taken by mooms.


  1. first of all - WELCOME BACK! :)

    second, really thought-provoking post! a question: how do we approach middle class americans who need the Lord's salvation??

    i definitely agree that complacency is a huge danger to christians. it's something i've struggled with as well. i think the best phrase i've heard in a long time was from one of my friends (who i think stole it from someone else): we need to bloom wherever we are currently planted. i'd add, we also need to be ready & prepared to be uprooted and planted elsewhere!

    third, justin's hair definitely looks green in that pic. i think it's a great look for him! ;)

  2. i love your heart