Thursday, May 1, 2008

and the celeb is...

for those who read mand's blog, i know i have kept you in suspense for far too long. [thank you for the reminder rae]. now, before i reveal the long awaited photo, you may want to note that i find it VERY exciting to see celebs. so you may or may not find this as exciting as i do. also, you may wish to consider that if justin was not with me, i would have simply thought this was one buff guy, and honestly i wouldn't have recognized that i was eating dinner right next to a celeb. i have poor recognition skills people. i haven't even reached my 10 year reunion and i don't even recognize people i went to school with. forgive me. sooo....can you guess the celeb:

we ate at chili's [jfk airport] and he had the salmon dinner.
mand wanted to know why i didn't get my photo taken with him. i just clammed right up. maybe next time.


  1. I'm guessing "The Hulk"--Lou Ferrigno (sp?)? It looks like him, minus the green body paint of course. He might not have heard you ask him for a picture since he's deaf. Do you know sign language?

    So, am I right? Let me know!!

  2. you guessed it my friend, the hulk! he was talking to the waitress ok, so i don't think he's deaf...perhaps just a hearing impairment?

  3. i don't even know who that is... sad, but true.

  4. He is legally deaf and I believe he wears hearing aids, at least he did back when he played The Hulk. When he was a child he had a severe ear infection and it left him with permanent partial hearing loss. He has said in interviews that he worked very hard at learning to read lips and speech therapy so people wouldn't know of his "disability."

    Not that you probably really care about any of these details, but I grew up watching him as The Hulk and it was one of my favorite shows, so I learned a lot about Lou Ferrigno back then (in the 1970's). I think it's really cool that you saw him! Thanks for sharing the picture and experience with us!!

  5. ohmigosh....i never knew he was deaf. i only know him from the king of queens and i could never tell on that show. very interesting.