Thursday, May 29, 2008

my house will be warm soon...

we do our best to conserve energy, so we turned our heater off when the outside temperature reached 50's. however, in lovely western ny it's been JUST over 50 and therefore a tad bit chilly in our home. so it is with great enthusiasm that we welcome sunshine and warm temperatures. we had a PERFECT memorial day weekend. it was beautiful outside and we enjoyed time with friends and family.

soaking in the sun.

linco bean couldn't resist either.

love those adelaide boys.

not a blogger convention...just family.
hottness is obviously in our genes.

nice part rae.


  1. ha! i love how it looks like we're all taking a bow in that last picture. have a happy weekend!

  2. thanks - i've been grooming it for quite some time now...

  3. You guys have too much fun!! I look forward to reading your blog everyday just to see what you've posted! I'm enjoying being a part of your "family" (in a weird, sort of voyeuristic way)!!


  4. it's weird because you always looked like a pierce and everyone always says that and you do. except sometimes i think you & rachel look a bit alike, and in this picture, even you & mctoria. and lyx looks the most "out of place". which is weird. because you look like a pierce. and lyx looks like a bannister. is it just the darker colored hair?? (where did lyx get her light's not a pierce or bannister thing...hmmm).
    wish i could have made the blogger convention. 'cept i would have ruined the hottness.