Friday, May 9, 2008

new toy.

justin begged.
and he pleaded.
and he got a new toy.
i must admit, it is rather cute.
[and he is too, that's why i can't say no].

the boys new's is a tad bigger.

approximately 100 miles to the gallon.


  1. I can just see Justin putt-putting to work now!!! Make sure he wears his helmut though!

  2. nice! i have been asking jer for one of these to ride to work...especially after paying $3.79 for gas this morning. where did he get his new bike?

  3. cute! lol, it looks like it only holds about 1 gallon!

  4. happy belated birthday!! i thought of you yesterday as we were celebrating with our birthday girl! :)

  5. this was a craigslist find. and it just happened to be located right smack in BATAVIA. meant to be, i guess.