Saturday, May 24, 2008


after we were married, i was quite excited about all my new stuff. however as time has gone on, i now tend to get most excited by old 'new stuff'. used. vintage. retro. old plates and glasses make my heart go pitter patter, but i have to contain myself...because after all i only have so many cupboards. here are a couple of thrifted finds i am enjoying...

i paid a whole quarter for this.

hall teapot i fell in love with on etsy.
my sweet hubby surprised me with it for valentines day.

even jake loves my teapot.

i will share more thrifty finds as i get more pictures.
enjoy this beautiful weekend!


  1. precious!! i also adore these vintage finds...

  2. oooo i love finding treasures like these. i like your pitcher. i just got a really pretty dark green, glass one at a yard sale. and then a little mini one at a consignment shop near us for only 30 cents. there is this little shop around the corner that has great finds. we walked there the other night and it was "customer appreciation day" and everything was 50% off the already cheap prices. i got a few cute things for my china cupboard (and jer found a belt) all for under $3.00! *happy sigh*