Monday, June 9, 2008

leader of the pack.

i am mrs. overpacker. as i scan over the contents of my closet, i see more and more and more that i just maybe perhaps could possibly need. before i know it my suitcase is overflowing to the point it needs to be sat upon in order to be zipped. but it's all in there. the what-if-it-rains outfit [elfit - craigy ;) ], the what-if-it's-super-hot outfit, the what-if-i-feel-super-fat outfit. it's all there. so what if i only end up wearing a quarter of what i packed. IF i had NEEDED it, i had it. for example: i am currently at a conference for one of my gazillion jobs. a day and a half total. i came prepared with 4 outfits. when i saw mooms suitcase, i had to laugh because i literally think it is SMALLER than my PURSE. see for yourself...

maybe someday i'll pack like mooms....i'm working on it.

1 comment:

  1. haha - i love it! i always tend to overpack too...