Wednesday, June 18, 2008

new yor highlights part I.

i only have SOME of my pictures on my computer. so i will do parts. [we lost power, so i'm a day behind]. here are some trip highlights, part I:

the travellers. via prius.
love my mooms and pops.

bergen bagels. w/ homemade scallion cream cheese. mmm.
[side note for western ny'ers - pronounced burg-en in nyc. poor confused city folk.]

it was so dang hot saturday.
i think this is a picture of us melting.

prospect park. 585 acres in brooklyn. who knew?!

couldn't have said it better myself...

luckily craig heard about the renegade craft fair! and introduced me to a little piece of heaven. TONS of handmade goodness. however, God knew of the coveting that was taking place...

and He sent us running with a H.U.G.E. thunderstorm.
notice the tent toppling over the others.

we didn't really have anywhere to go, and we all agreed this was the LOUDEST thunder ever, ever, ever. we were crammed in a little nook with 4 other storm refugees. we watched as lightening struck nearby skyscrapers.
my biggest phobia: sudden loud noises. no joke.
i think i plugged my ears for 20 min. straight.

but not before i bought a sa-weet new shirt!
just love the polk a dot bear!

the wet crew found refuge at sea. justin's fav thai restaurant.

i bought some toms shoes. :)
i wore these brand spankin new, out of the box, for 3 days and didn't get a blister.
[in nyc 3 days = approximately 432 miles]
and a child in need got a pair of shoes.

ok. i must go to bed.
part II pictures to follow...


  1. looks like a fun trip! mmm those bagels sure sound yummy. and your new shirt is cute too.

  2. whoo hoo for brooklyn! :)
    you guys didn't happen to go to the ole FM church on sunday morning did you???

  3. not this time around...we actually checked out the journey in manhattan.