Thursday, July 17, 2008

high school.


high school was many moons ago. i just got a good reminder of that. in the newspaper is an announcement for the bhs class of 98 reunion. yikes! that's right folks, i graduated in the 90's. like when 90210 was on tv [although i wasn't allowed to watch it], and roller blades were cutting edge and it was cool to wear a scrunchie on your wrist. i have very pleasant memories of high school. i was so young and carefree. my biggest worry was which concert i would go to next. i had my whole life ahead of me and just knew i could conquer the world. so now the question is: to go or not to go to the reunion?


  1. yes - and huge wideleg jeans! and delia catalogs. and enormous wedge shoes that dwarf your ankles. this picture is seriously awesome. :)

  2. we look super rad. (mike looked at the picture and said "nice pants").
    holy canoli...i can't believe it's your reunion. when is it? where is it? weird that they put it in the paper. it could be kinda embarrasing for you to never remember people. ;)

  3. VERY good point mand.
    me: so, who did you marry from bhs?
    classmate: i was in your homeroom marla!
    yikes, this could be scary.

  4. Hey dont knock those jeans, I had a pair of those a long long time ago and also had a pair of the overalls, but what made that whole deal really special was my red converse tennis shoes, I loved them!! Marla if you go to the reunion better get your yearbook down and start studying but regardlss of your short memory I love you!!!