Tuesday, July 8, 2008


a wonderfully intense and dramatic finish to the bachelorette. i was pleasantly surprised that she chose jesse. jason seems like a nice enough guy, but i felt jesse was the underdog and there's just something in me that must root for the underdog. plus jesse said deanna was way out of his league and that's so stinkin sweet.
although justin and i were considering riding horses in the ocean tonight, i think my reality may just be sorting through the mountain of papers and magazines that has developed on my desk.


  1. THAT'S WHY YOU MARRIED ME! Always pushing for the underdog. Wait we're going horseback riding tonight?!. Calling you right now.

  2. i think it is so cute when husbands comment on their wives blogs.
    'nother point for just - mike has never left me a comment on my blog (although maybe if i wrote more, he'd actually have something to comment on).

  3. i was shocked (and, yes, crying). they do seem super in love.