Tuesday, July 15, 2008


another fabulous weekend in the adks! justin and i joined my seester lyndsay and her husband andy on our first [together] backpacking trip. we left friday afternoon [after turning around to get our hiking shoes - somewhat important on a hiking trip] with our country sweet pizza from ralph & rosies. mmm. we arrived at the trailhead around 10pm. [of course we stopped for ice cream - pierces always stop for ice cream]. lynz & i slept in the car [not so much] & the boys slept right outside the car. in the morning we set off on our great adventure at 6:45am.

fresh faced & ready to go.

i've got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight...

indiana jones poptart for bfast. i'm so ready to go.

we hiked in 5 miles...lots of rocks, lots of mud.

and set up our tents. aren't they cute?!
we saw a snake eat a frog right next to andy & lyx's tent - that wasn't so cute.

it felt so good to take the packs off. notice me happily drinking water in the back. that didn't last so long. that's right folks, we ran out of water. genius.

the 'trail' often looked like this.

lunch break. pb&j and/or tuna wraps. this is about the time we noticed, man there's like a million black flies and they're eating us. if you've never encountered black flies, you don't want to - they're ruthless. totally and completely ruthless. bug spray, you might think. guess again. even our special 'black fly begone' did little.

desperate attempt to escape the black flies.
i was going to count my bites, but i lost count after 32.

we got to a trail junction called times square. from there we hiked 45 minutes, then realized we were headed west not south. this meant we had to hike 45 minutes back to times square to get on the right trail. major bummer. by this point we were out of water, it was quite hot, and the black flies were still eating us alive. as in major attack of black flies. so not pleasant. the last part of the hike was quite intense with the above noted conditions.

but we are soopa tough and we made it to santanoni peak!

santanoni is 14th out of the 46 peaks in elevation. the view from the top was totally breathtaking.

some hot hiking legs. this was a tough hike, but we had lots & lotsa of fun with andy & lyx.

team z-lite. matching sleeping pads, how cute.

love my hiking buddy. 3 high peaks down, 43 to go!

love you andy & lyx. we'll have to do it again soon...minus the black flies. plus water. minus the tent that's not waterproof. xo.

last stop in the adirondacks - mary's bakery! very critical. best donuts. in the world. maybe even the universe.

more pics here.


  1. looks like so much fun!!! (minus the black flies). alright i can't handle it anymore. next time we see each other we're planning a trip. your pics look great. also, i love the new header. very nice!

  2. oh my gosh - i was laughing through the whole post because of that very first picture - it looks like andy is about 8 ft tall!

    looks like a fun trip!! great pics! :)

  3. love, love, loovve your new header. i've been telling myself i really need to redo my blog (along with maybe posting now & then?)...so maybe now i'll be inspired.
    love the black fly hat. maybe you could start selling those at the bottom of the trails??
    i went back and looked at the first pic after reading rachel's comment...very funny. (although i will also now associate it with scariness because when i was looking at it, mike sneezed, super loud, and scared the living daylights out of me...scary).

  4. I want to do a hike with ya'll, well maybe a short trail and I can call it a hike, right??!! I want to be the first to place an order for the nice hat,I can use one of those here in the south for the skeeters (our state bird, ha!! ha!!) Hope your legs are getting better.