Saturday, July 26, 2008

summer=county fair

i know i'm not a resident of orleans county. but there's just something about the orleans county fair. the mammoth pie tin. the prayer tent. the farm animals. the grease pole. it's simply small town fabulous. and i always see family there. showing their stubborn cows.

very entertaining.

and there's always fair food...

fair taffy - a summer highlight.

as you can see we had a very nutritious dinner.
i love western ny.


  1. I so agree!! Unfortunately we missed the Orleans Co. Fair this year--the first time in many, many years! You took pictures of almost all of my favorite fair foods--I especially LOVE the taffy!! Phill knows the guy who has the taffy stand there, so we always get a "discount" on what we buy. It's nice to have "friends" in the right places, like behind a taffy stand!!

    Hopefully we get to visit the Wyoming Co. one later this summer. Thanks for making me hungry!!


  2. mmm funnel cake.
    did you see my little sibs?? :)

  3. Cant remember the last time I've been to a fair, do they even have those down south?? You have won my heart with the cow, I looooooove moo cows!!!! oh yea the food looks great to, love funnel cakes.