Saturday, August 30, 2008

i canoe, do you?

justin got a new toy.

another superb craigslist find. i wasn't as sure as justin that a canoe was high on our list of 'things to buy', but i must admit we're enjoying it. we've had it just over a week and we've been out 4 times. i know some of this may be the excitement of our new toy, but we've really been enjoying it and i think we'll continue to. after our canoe outing today we stopped at the bulk food store in alexander, where they have amazing subs.

in other exciting news, justin got a haircut. he's all aerodynamic for the 90 miler canoe race next weekend. [um, yes 90 miles. he and mike are doing a 90 mile canoe race in 3 days. good times.]

smoking hott.
i will leave you with my 1st ever sunflower...

a nice sunny greeting when i walk out the back door.


  1. Excellent getting the canoe!! Now you can get out anytime you want. And tell Justin nice hair cut too!! (and good luck next weekend!)

  2. Wow, what a great haircut for Justin! He doesn't seem too pleased with it, according to his face in the photograph!

    I'm glad you guys are enjoying your "new toy." I'm not that into small boats, especially ones that I have to make go myself! That's just me though.

    Enjoy the canoe while you can because winter's coming!!