Friday, September 12, 2008

90 miler.

we had so much fun at the race. mand & i were so very proud of our men! we decided right away we wanted to do it again next year [perhaps easier for the pit crew to say than the paddlers?!] we had a great time running from pit stop to bridge waiting to cheer the boys on. it was so exciting to see them come paddling around the bend. we actually thought we would have a bit more down time and almost missed them at their very first pit stop. but being the spry pit crew that we are, we made it just in the nick of time.

justin under canoe, mike right behind carrying gear.
me: i'm all - 'is everything ok under there?!'
i did make a sprint for the car to grab some emergency tums. pit crew to the rescue. it was so neat to see all the boats dotting the lakes as we drove by. there were 250 boats total.

the first day was very windy and we were nervous for our boys when we saw the waves on some of the lakes. they had 35 miles to paddle and 3.5 miles of portages [yikes] on day 1.

brown tract carry - between eighth lake & raquette lake.
after paddling for many hours and many miles, people would get out and run with their boats on the portages. it was plain crazy. the boys completed day one in 7 hours. the pit crew found a nice campsite on the lake and cooked a yummy dinner of brown rice & black beans and 4-cheese enchiladas. we were all pooped and were asleep by 8.30pm [the racers around us awoke us each morning promptly at 4am - what is there even to do at that ungodly hour?]

finish line day 1. my man.

day 2 started out with rain which is so not fun when you're camping.
the boys paddled 33 miles and had 1.25 miles of portages on day 2.

the pit crews would line the bridges to cheer on their paddlers and drop in any needed goods. i was surprised how intense the racers were. if a water bottle bounced out of the boat, there was no turning around to get it. and some racers would yell as they approached, 'no pit! no pit!' because there were neck and neck with another boat and they didn't want to slow for food & water.

saturday was mike & mand's 5th anniversary, so we made a snazzy sign. i even hired a bagpiper to play in honor of their anniversary...

aj & uncle stu were in the area for meetings, so they came and met us at the finish line. it was fun to see them there. it rained all day off and on. mand and i had set up one tent in the pouring rain to reserve a site. it was still raining when the boys finished so we voted to get a motel room and stay dry for the night. ahhh. it was an adorable vintage little motel. our for reals key to the door was a skeleton key! the door was an old wooden door and there was a cute little tv nook.

by day 3 mand and i were pit crew pros. we found the stops easily [though we may have gotten a little lost on a trail] and would get there with enough time to relax and watch some of the war canoes and other boats come by [who took off before the boys, of course]. we starting nicknaming the racers [whitey, fruitloops, tighty whitey] and would know the boys were getting close when we saw certain boats. i had a great time with my seester and we had lots of laughs.

finish line! woo hoo.
despite having a rather heavy boat and heavy paddles, our brawny men came in 3rd! [who knew people are so into canoe racing and there would be fancy $250 race paddles that everyone else would be using?!] the boys paddled 22 miles and had .6 miles of portages day 3.
16 hours 47 minutes total for team sawyer to complete the 90 miler. to hear about the race from the paddlers perspective... go here.

we had so much fun! mand and i think the whole pierce clan outta race in a war canoe next year...
more pics.


  1. so cute!! looks like a fun time. :)

  2. Sounds like a great time had by all!! Sorry to hear about all the rain you had to endure, but to come in 3rd after all that (and their first race-as I understand it to be) is quite an accomplishment!!

    I was wondering why Justin wasn't in church today! Now I know!!