Friday, September 19, 2008

it's the small things...

when i walked out of work, these were on my car...

made me smile. my boss is amazing.
and i'm smiling because i have a weekend with not a whole lot scheduled [for once] and i get to spend it with him:

pico peak, vermont
[speaking of vermont, we just booked our leanto and i can't wait! vermont in the fall = amazing. and our leanto can only be accessed by canoe. good times]
happy weekend to you.


  1. What a great surprise, your boss is so good to you, wish I had one like that. I see you are not only special to me but to alot of others also. Love ya!!

  2. have a great weekend. sorry that greek didn't work out tonight! we'll work it out sooooon. vermont! exciting! when are you going? i'm camping with some girls in a little cabin at allegany state park next weekend. do you guys ever go to letchworth?

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  4. The flowers are beautiful...but while gazing at your pictures I noticed that Bo and Bear may have visited your vehicle as well (if you know what I mean).