Saturday, September 27, 2008

our 8 day.

in the year of 08.08.08 we celebrated our 08.

the make up of a splendid day: [from left to right]
01: fall flowers from justin's mom.
02: our table at valley inn. warsaw, ny. highly recommended.
03: cute little birch bark box my present came in.
04: my meal at valley: eggplant alfredo.
05: 8 years: we love our chothers.
06: j's meal: ny strip steak with honey mushroom glaze.
07: my earrings from j! birch bark cast in sterling silver.
08: we always share dessert: willy wonka=lots o chocolate. mmm.
09: pumpkin muffin from dunkin donuts. so worth the calories.
[perhaps i should have done 8 pictures in keeping with the theme...too late now. drats.]

8 blissful years and many, many more memories to come...


  1. lol - the 9th picture was your "pinch to grow an inch".

    really cute photo collection - you guys are so adorable.

  2. happy (late) anniversary!! pics are super cute. ok, let's try to meet for din din again :)