Tuesday, September 2, 2008

summer=almost gone.

one of my favorite things about western ny is having four seasons. i love them all. i must admit, i don't know if i'm ready to let summer go. we have so enjoyed summer. camp-outs and cookouts. hiking and biking. tubing and water skiing. ok, so we only did tubing and water skiing once, this past weekend. but it was super fun! this was my first ever attempt at water skiing and i am proud to announce i got up! a great big thanks to mike & mand for having us out to their cottage on lake ontario. and a great big thanks to gamma & gampa [as linc calls them] for letting us use the boat and for the best fried pancakes. ever.

our trusty driver.


note the sheer determination. we get that from dad.


and down.
the good news is fall is on the way. and i have a bag of uncle rog's apples to prove it. yummm.


  1. stellar faces. and cool how you did the pic so it looks like you guys tubed together.

    um...what about the photo contest??!

  2. i went tubing over the weekend too!! and i have the achy muscles to prove it.

    very jealous that you got some excelsior apples... sigh.