Thursday, September 4, 2008

you choose...

which is the best vacation photo from our family trip to the adirondacks...

..delicious donuts.. gazing.. [note: click on the picture to see the big dipper!]

..donut boy..

..uncle jojo.. mountain lake chair..


...sooo...what's your vote?


  1. Of course the little guys are just to cute and the doughnuts are amazing, been there done that and they are the best Ive ever had. But JoJo has got to be my pick, he is my best buddy in the whole world!!!!!

  2. i love all of them, but i really LOVE the picture of the chair.

  3. my vote: (and i knew which i would pick before i say the other votes) blue mountain lake chair

  4. I'd have to agree with the rest. I was very jealous of that picture, wishing I was there SITTING in the chair!! All of the pictures were very nice though and of course the boys are cutie pies!!

    Glad you had a nice vacation!!

  5. I like the donut boy, so adorable!