Monday, October 20, 2008

green mountains: part II


we're #1...also i'm pointing to our campsite.

view from owl's head mountain.

this porcupine smiled at us!

1st ever porcupine i saw. unless roadkill counts?

my mountain man built me a blazing warm fire.

it was in the 30's at night.

if i look a little red it's because i ran up a mountain,

trying to keep up with my man.

vermont's longest cascading waterfall

[we couldn't see the beginning or the end].


like a pro.

spruce mountain.

we had perfect hiking weather.

the unload. good to know...

the car is right up yonder.
if only...

i could always cook outside

this would be a st. honore cake from the marshfield bakery.

cream puffs dipped in caramel and whatnot...words. cannot. describe.

my favorite benn diner. mmmmm.

vegetarian chili with jalapeno cornbread.


the cutest diner you ever did see.


to the end.


  1. beautiful leaves! i really like the pic of the roaring fire - one of my favorite things about camping is the hot, roaring, night fires. and speaking of camping - what about our trip coming up!!!yayayyaya!!! so pumped.

  2. you are freakishly tall. and who's the kid in between you guys in the last pic? haa....