Saturday, October 4, 2008

wonderful weekend!

soaking up every last possible drop of warmth/sunshine. although the high today was...

if you get the clothes out early enough, there's still time to line dry! honestly you can't beat crisp line dried sheets. there are certain chores i enjoy and hanging clothes is one of them.

a few [of many] reasons to line dry:
:: save over $100 a year on your electric bill
:: sunlight bleaches and disinfects
:: good excuse to be outside & get some fresh air
:: conserve energy and the environment
:: like i said, can't beat crisp line dried sheets!
on another note, these fine folks hung out:

and a ton of fun was had! i love, love my family! looking forward to hanging out with you guys again very soon. thanks for having us to your cozy, adorable home. your doggie is pretty dang adorable too. next time we'll get a group photo so i don't have to be so creative, ok?


  1. we had so much fun too!! can't wait to come our your way and try some of those amazing batavia restaurants that justin was getting so excited explaining :)

  2. correction: OUT your way...not our ;-p

  3. im so jealous!!!! never see beautiful sights like that here in little ole Georgetown.