Tuesday, November 11, 2008

-allegany cabining-

we were planning on camping/stargazing this weekend. then the forecast said rain, rain and more rain. stargazing is kind of boring when it rains. our backup plan involved a cabin, which was a beautiful thing. it was a rustic and cozy cabin. we stayed in front of the stone fireplace for much of the weekend. good times great company!

the girls may or may not have beat the boys a gazillion times at catch phrase. undefeated. booya.

trusty air mattress pump broke. we were a wee bit lightheaded. delirious, you could say. [that's for my fellow catch phrasers] ;)

our breakfast chef. a fine looking chef!

there was lots of fishing. j came up with a list of why this was a life changing fishing trip. i guess it's very exciting to catch this fish. he does have pretty spots.

while the fishers were fishing in the cold v & i found a heated bathroom and had a nice hot shower.

where we spent most of our time, as close to the toasty fire as possible.

our fancy table setting...

for our yummy sweet potato chili.

the boys did some climbing.

fresh air & long talks.
fires & sleeping bags.
friends & laughter.
as v would say...we're rich!


  1. love it! it was so much fun!!! great post :) sitting at work right now definitely makes me wish we were still there.

  2. i wanna go sit by the fire and play lots of games!