Monday, November 24, 2008

bathroom: favorite things.

you're in for a real treat today. a look into my bathroom.
i went to visit lynz last weekend and came home to a wonderful surprise. my sweet j had installed a vanity light in the bathroom! call me easy to please, but this is quite exciting for me. plus i love surprises. so i thought i would show off j's handiwork along with a few of my favorite things in the bathroom. try to contain your excitement folks.

snazzy new light fixture. [now i can see how awesome i look in the mornings.]

birch bark. branch towel hook. grapevine wreath.
bring the outdoors in. check.

tissue ring from moma. [tanks eggy!]

cute bamboo garbage can. white seersucker shower curtain.

branch towel rack. branch chewed by beaver.

branch retrieved by j. rack created by j. he rocks. i love him.


  1. ahhhh so cute!!!!! I dont know who is the happiest about the new lights marla or mom Teresa,never could see to good in there A BIG THANKS TO MY JUSTIN!!!

  2. very cute! justin is very creative with his woodworking! :) sort of a beaver himself, if you think about it.